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Discussion: Critics Weigh in on the Changes at EMP

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Last week, the Times reported that Eleven Madison Park is, once again, getting a makeover of sorts. This time around, instead of removing seats from the dining room, adding service carts, or changing the traditional menu to a grid, they are altering their modus operandi. Starting in September, they plan on adding a level of theatricality to the service via domes filled with smoke, spritzes of seawater, magic and card tricks, and other surprises. The menu will act more of an homage to New York, with black and white cookies, cheesecakes, and locally made service-ware.

Today, using discussion tool Branch, we've asked a handful of New York City restaurant world veterans to weigh in on the changes. This is an ongoing discussion, so check back as the thread grows and please do say your piece in the comments.

Eleven Madison Park

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