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Meatball Obsession Shuttered by the DOH

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Four-month-old takeout shop Meatball Obsession, one of the latest restaurants to join the meatball craze, has been shuttered by the DOH. Per the DOH website, the new spot failed an inspection on July 26, piling up 40 violation points, with two critical violations: failing to keep cold food under 41 degrees, and failing to provide a bathroom "for employees or for patrons when required."

Update: Team Meatball Obsession responds:

Meatball Obsession was visited last week by the Department of Health for its initial inspection, the first inspection since it opened in March. They believed that their restroom situation was up to code but learned last week that was not the case. They took immediate action to install a brand new restroom in the location, as well as address other points that needed attention and correction.

Meatball Obsession looks forward to being open again as soon as it passes its compliance inspection.

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Meatball Obsession

510 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY