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The Five Must-Watch Food Videos of the Week

In this week's roundup of new videos, Sorella's Emma Heart makes a late night, margarita-fueled trip to Williamsburg, Eric Ripert and Mario Batali get personal while making calamari, Natasha Case tells the story of Coolhaus, Julia Child gets remixed, and Edward Beller shares some of the history behind New York's street venders. And in honor of Shitshow Week, there's a little bonus video thrown in there.

1) Emma Hearst's Late Night New York:
The latest installment of Vice's Munchies follows Sorella's Emma Hearst on a late night, margarita-fueled trip to Mesa Coyoacan in Williamsburg. There's some epic mole, and drunken bomboloni and gelati eating in there too:

2) Eric Ripert and Mario Batali get personal:"
Mario Batali is the second ever guest on Eric Ripert's YouTube series On The Table. And in normal Batali fashion, his appearance is as big and bold as he is: He rides his scooter into Ripert's living room, calls his ex-boss Marco Pierre White a "dickhead," and cooks up some Two-Minute Calamari:
[Possible NSFW for language]

3) The Story of Coolhaus:
Before Coolhaus, proprietor Natasha Case was an architecture student. In this video, she explains how (and why) she switched from buildings to ice cream sandwiches:

4) Julia Child, Remixed:
This past week, the culinary world celebrated what would have been Julia Child's 100th birthday. In honor of the occasion, PBS created an auto-tuned remix of her best quotes and sayings because, well, why not?:

5) New York's Street Carts: A History Lesson:
And now, we dump some knowledge on you courtesy of Edward Beller, the man behind the first stainless steel hot dog carts to hit the streets of NYC. You can thank him for that warmed bun that comes with your dog. Here, he proves he knows his stuff when it comes to New York's street vendors:

Bonus Video: In honor of Shitshow Week 2012, the Eater Line Relief team took to the streets armed with snacks, water, reading materials, and T-shirts for all those poor souls waiting in some of New York's epic restaurant lines. A magician was also involved. Here's a short video recapping how it all went down:

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