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Rhong-Tiam Pad Thai Cart Shut Down by NYPD

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Sad new for fans of curbside noodles: Rhong-Tiam's recently launched pad Thai cart has been shut down temporarily after a run-in with the NYPD

From the Tipline.

Rhong Tiam was out front of my building yesterday on 5th Ave. b/t 21st and 22nd with their new Pad Thai street cart/truck and NYPD showed up with a van. They had two cart workers sitting in the van in cuffs and the guy who is usually at the brick and mortar with the beard and baseball hat (unsure if this is Andy Yang or not) basically shut down the cart and hauled it away after lengthy discussions w/ the cops.
Rhong Tiam posted a brief note on their Facebook page, saying, "Pad Thai Cart will not be out for a couple of days will keep you guy posted." According to an employee at the brick-and-mortar, it'll be two weeks before the cart is back out on the streets.
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Rhong Tiam

31 E 21st St., New York, NY