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Facelift for El Cocotero; Jeremiah Tower in New Rochelle?

CHELSEA ? This is just a great sign announcing the weekend-long closure of the Venezuelan restaurant El Cocotero, sent in by a tipster: "Sorry we are closed :( We were forced to have a facelift just like Joan Rivers. Open Monday." [EaterWire]

NEW ROCHELLE ? Chez Panisse/Stars legend Jeremiah Tower, with a group called Good Profit, has submitted a proposal to the New Rochelle city council to put "new restaurant experiences" in a former Naval armory. Aside from Tower, the group includes architects and designers who have been involved in projects like the High Line. [Toqueland via Eater National]

HOT TOPICS ? Is there too much food TV? Eater National talked to five chefs to get their opinions. Says Alex Raij of La Vara, El Quinto Pino and Txikito: " I don't think it's necessarily bad for the industry to have all of these programs. What I've noticed is that being on food TV has become another, separate career in food. There are people for whom that is the main aspiration. It's become another profession." [Eater National]

El Cocotero

228 W 18th St., New York, NY

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