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Designers, Techies Discuss Bad Restaurant Web Design

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The incredible Heaven By Russo

Auto intro music, Flash, poor reservation platforms, PDF menus, a lack of integral info, general absurdity—the world of website design can be a treacherous place, irking everyone who dares use a mobile device to look up a menu. Today, in honor of Shitshow Week, Eater has asked a group of restaurant-obsessed tech experts in varying fields to tackle the issue of bad website design and online presence and maybe, maybe, figure out how the world of restaurant websites could be a better place.

Today our panelists include Reuters' financial blogger and Gastronomics columnist Felix Salmon, BuzzFeed's tech editor Matt Buchanan, Tumblr's editorial producer Sky Dylan-Robbins, and website designer Krystle Mobayeni, who works on Momofuku's online presence, among other projects. Let's get going, and please feel free to weigh in in the comments.