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Have No Fear: Eater Line Relief is Here

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Though there are some notable exceptions, New York right now is not rife with Shitshow restaurants manned by a new crop of Shitshow Allstar chefs. Thus, this year the Shitshow Week spotlight focuses not on the people or the places but on a very specific experience that has come to define the 2012 dining scene: waiting in line. Some of the city's worst lines are old classics (Magnolia, Burger Joint, Shake Shack), while others have arisen over the last year due to the increasing amount of hype leveled on new reservation-less restaurants. What results are hordes of people (Adam Platt's "No Reservation Generation") waiting on the street for the likes of Mission Chinese and Pok Pok, Takashi and Red Farm.

But we are here to provide relief. Over the next 24 hours, a team of Eater operatives will be driving around in an official Eater Shitshow Week Line Relief Van, roaming the streets for hungry would-be diners in need of relief as they wait for the city's hottest tables. We'll provide hydration, sustenance, entertainment, clothing.

There is an agenda for tonight and tomorrow, but please, if you find yourself in a long line or are quoted a two hour wait, let us know. Email the tipline or tweet at @EaterNY with the hashtag #linerelief. We'll do what we can to come to your aid. And restaurateurs: if your wait list is getting out of hand, get in touch. We can help.

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