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Is the Purple Fig Stiffing Its Staff and Suppliers?

Hot on the heels of a zero star review from the Post's Steve Cuozzo comes word that the folks behind The Purple Fig may be stiffing staff and suppliers. A Facebook post alleges that the restaurant's owner?who may or may not be a partner in PD O'Hurley's?has been stiffing staff and suppliers for the last several weeks.

The Facebook post includes the "chef" among those getting stiffed, which would be bad news for the Irish celebrity chef Conrad Gallagher who opened it. Though it's worth noting that Gallagher has been listed as a "consulting chef" on the project for at least the last three weeks. At the very least, perhaps this says something as to why Cuozzo described it as New York's "eeriest" new restaurant.

Have any more intel on what's going on at The Purple Fig? Send it this way.
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The Purple Fig

250 W. 72nd St., New York, NY