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Dassara, a New Ramen Shop in Carroll Gardens

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[Krieger, 08/12/12]

Here's a look around Dassara, a new ramen shop in Carroll Gardens from first-time restaurateurs Justin DeSpirito, Lana Yang, and Josh Kaplan. The menu includes two traditional Japanese-style ramens (chicken and white clam mazamen), plus a "deli ramen" made with matzo balls and smoked meat from Mile End. The kitchen is also serving small plates like fried chicken hearts, shishito peppers, buns, and mackerel tartare. The cocktail menu, which was developed by Alchemy Consulting, features several sake and shochu-based drinks. Dassara opens for dinner tonight. Check out the menu:


Not Ramen

Heirloom Tomato Salad~ Selection of heirloom tomatoes tossed with herbs, miso-glazed bacon and bonito flakes $10
Saba Tartare~ Cured mackerel with ikura, edamame peas, shitake mushrooms, quail egg and lotus chips $12
Broiled Oysters~ Served with dashi butter and miso-glazed bacon $12
Shishito Peppers~ Fried with tiny crispy fish, served with ginger scallion mayo and ginger black vinegar $9
Hatsu Age~ Fried chicken hearts served with house made duck sauce and hot mustard $8
Rice Cakes~ Soft rice cakes with Chinese sausage, oil cured chilies and shiso brown butter $10
Steamed Buns – Please ask your sever about our selection of steamed buns $7

Ramen & Noodles

Chicken~ Chicken broth with braised pork belly, rainbow chard and poached egg $12
Mushroom Ramen~ A rich and hearty mushroom broth with mixed wild mushrooms and poached egg
White Clam Mazemen~ A mostly broth-less Ramen with Manila clams, parsley, oil cured chilies and scallion pancakes $13
Deli Ramen~ Our chicken broth served with diced celery, matzo balls and Mile End smoked meat $15

271 Smith Street, Carroll Gardens
Opening Tonight

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