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Mission Chinese Food, Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

All throughout Shitshow Week 2012, Eater will be doling out Restaurant Line Report Cards. Up first: Mission Chinese Food.
Although Mission Chinese Food accepts some reservations, most of the people that dine there have to stand outside on Orchard Street and wait for hours until they can sit down. Eater recently polled the crowd outside about their waiting experiences. Take a look at the results of the study above, and check out some of their reactions below.

And a quick note: if you're sick of waiting in restaurant lines, fear not. Relief is coming.

What brought you here?

Jordan, 25: "I love Chinese food, so I’m always trying to find good Chinese spots. But also the New York Times."

Andrew, 30: "I just keep up with food coverage. I knew about the restaurant when I was in San Francisco."

Carolyn, 25: "My sister told me about it. She went to the one in San Francisco."

How long will you wait before giving up?

Ave, 21: "If it’s good, I’ll wait forever."

Karen, 26: "We might get a drink and come back so I think that (two hours) could be doable. It’s early."

How pleasant is this line on a scale of one to 10?

Rachel, 27: "Two. It’s raining."

Ori, 37: "At an hour an a half? A three."

Andrew, 30: " The good thing about these places is everyone takes your phone number now so you can put your name in and go someplace else. Like an eight."

Do you have a back-up plan?

Gus, 26: "Probably the nearest thing we saw."

Karen, 26: "Yeah, we would just try something else in the neighborhood. There are plenty of restaurants."

Jordan, 24: "We have no backup plan. I’ve eaten very recently."
— Polling conducted by Ashley Mason.
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Mission Chinese Food

154 Orchard St., New York, NY