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Eater's 5th Annual Shitshow Week Starts Right Now

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Oh boy. Eater's Fifth Annual Shitshow Week, a festive time to focus on the great follies of the restaurant world, starts this very moment. It's the time of year to remember that as much as New York is the stage for the very best restaurants in the world, it is equally a city for the worst. There are bad restaurants, there are mediocre restaurants, uncomfortable restaurants, sad restaurants, and then there are shitshows—restaurants that defy all logic, that are so utterly and completely off the rails that it can't be chalked up to simple ineptitude. This is the week when we celebrate these colossal restaurant blunders.

Every day this week, we'll throw up a review of a different potential shitshow, Deathwatch a restaurant or two, highlight some of New York's worst restaurant lines, and throw in some other fun surprises. Again we're always looking for Deathwatch candidates, reader shitshow nominations, and submissions to the Eater Complaints Dept. Send those to the tipline. Or just settle in with some snacks and have some fun.

As a Shitshow Week primer, check out a list of all the shitshow reviews from the first four years:

Shitshow Week Reviews (in alphabetical order) :
· Abe & Arthur's [08/03/11]
· At Vermilion [08/14/09]
· Bar Artisanal Restaurant & Tapas Bar [08/02/10]
· Ca Va [08/17/11]
· Charles [08/13/11]
· Co-Op Food and Drink [08/16/11]
· Crossbar [08/17/11]
· Ember Room [08/17/11]
· Fishtag [08/16/11]
· Gravy [08/15/11]
· Imperial No. 9 [08/19/11]
· Kobe Club [06/04/08]
· Kurve [08/12/09]
· LevantEast [08/10/09]
· The Lion [08/05/10]
· Merkato 55 [06/02/08]
· Mr. Chow Tribeca [06/06/08]
· Ninja [08/05/08]
· Rouge Tomate [08/04/10]
· Shang [08/06/10]
· Sweetpie [08/11/09]
· Wakiya [06/03/08]

Further Reading:
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