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Sorry little monsters, Gaga's dad's restaurant is headed to the hospice. Joanne got off to a bad start back in February, when Steve Cuozzo slammed the restaurant after a disastrous opening night dinner. The rest of the critics have not been kind to this place, and its big name celebrity chef is off pursuing several other projects across the country, including a few TV gigs. As we know, the Germanottas don't have a great restaurant track record, and this place can't survive on Gaga fans alone. Also, check out this story from a reader:

I have lived in NYC for 17 years and have eaten out an average of 3 times a week, so let's say 2,652 times at minimum. I have never had a worse meal or a worse experience in my entire life. The highlights included: Waiting 1.5 hours for my food to arrive cold (how is it cold if I've been sitting here waiting for it? Where did it go???), a fellow patron VOMITING in the middle of the restaurant (no, seriously) and then every diner staring at vomit on the floor for 10 minutes while we waited for someone to clean it up....The whole experience was so bad that I can't listen to a Lady Gaga song without feeling nauseous. I think I have PTSD.

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Joanne Trattoria

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70 West 68th St., New York, NY

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