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Marcus Samuelsson Fires Back at Eddie Huang

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Earlier this summer, chef/burgeoning media personality Eddie Huang filed a takedown of Marcus Samuelsson's book Yes, Chef, and his Harlem restaurant, Red Rooster. At one point in the article, Huang writes that Red Rooster is "an embarrassing exercise in condescension."

In a new interview with the Washington Post, Samuelsson responds to Huang's criticism:

It’s a joke. You’re dealing with a guy who doesn’t want to enter a conversation. Even discussing it is a waste of time...To even answer garbage, why should I lower myself to that level? I, as a mentor, as a mentee, as an employee, as a chef, I have a responsibility, and it’s not to go bottom fishing and enter garbage. It is to rise above and be the person that I set out to [be]. So I hold myself to that standard. Garbage will come.

Never one to back down from a fight, Huang has been firing shots at the interview's author, Tim Carman, on Twitter. Last night he Tweeted: "as a journalist u let him off the hook. U let him dismiss real criticism as punching up. Make him address the words in his book."
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