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The Early Word on Murray's Cheese Bar

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Murray's Cheese Bar — the highly anticipated sit-down restaurant from Rob Kaufelt, Tia Keenan, and the Murray's Cheese team — opened late last month and has been generating a lot of buzz. The restaurant offers a variety of cheese and meat options as well as a full menu of cheese-centric salads, sandwiches, and entrees. Reviews thus far have been mighty good but a few complaints have been filed as well. Here's what early diners are saying:

The Really Good News: One Yelper can't stay away: "I've been to Murray's Cheese Bar three times since they opened a week and a half ago. That in itself should be telling." [Yelp]

The Great For Groups News: Another Yelper raves about the restaurant's ability to accomodate large groups: "Nothing is over $20 with an average of $14 per order. Each cheese/ meat order is $5 with flights going for a max of $18 depending on the size. This a great place for groups since most of the food can be eaten family style and the space has a flexible layout to accommodate parties of all sizes. Service is also excellent-- everyone was knowledgeable and attentive despite how busy the restaurant was. They take reservations for parties of 6 or more only." [Yelp]

The Prosciutto News: The Twitter universe is exploding with Murray's fans. One had this to say: "Amazing charcuterie and cheese at Murray's Cheese Bar. PS the prosciutto was out of this world!" [Twitter]

The Expensive But Worth it News: An early diner on Yelp feels the menu is a little pricey, but ultimately worth it: "The portions are small and are not cheap. But for sheer originality, and a great time learning stuff you didn't know, in the best way possible (eating), you're sure to have a great time here." [Yelp]

More Good Service News: This Chowhounder thinks the staff really made the night: "The staff really was a stand out; everyone seemed excited to be part of something new and special. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, great combination of friendly and professional." [Chowhound]

The "But I'm Hungry During the Day" News: One Eater commenter wishes the restaurant would tweak its hours: "I just checked the website and it's not open during the day, which seems like a real mistake for a place that sounds like it's geared more toward nibbles of cheese or lunchtime food (grilled cheese, mac and cheese) than toward full dinners. How disappointing." [Eater Comments]

The Good Service News: Another diner on Yelp notices the great service:"[W]hat really makes this place special is the staff. Everyone from the manager — who comped our salad (totally unnecessary) to the maitre d' to our waiter and cheesemonger to another lovely waitress who went out of her way to find out the name of a cookbook on cheesemaking. And we were lucky enough to meet Chef Tia, who was gracious and impressive." [Yelp]
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Murray's Cheese Bar

264 Bleecker Street, New York, NY

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