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Cheetahs to Reopen 'Charlie Sheen' Naked Sushi Room

Earlier this year, Times Square strip club Cheetahs opened a room where guests could eat sushi off of a naked lady, while staring at pictures of Charlie Sheen. After finding out about the "Charlie Sheen VIP Room," the actor's lawyers sent a cease and desist letter, and the club closed the space. Now, reps from the strip club tell Eater that they're reopening the Charlie Sheen VIP Room. No explanation is offered for the revival of the space, but it's happening.

The club will host a grand reopening party on August 14, where "goddesses will greet the clientele and 'body sushi' will be served in the room." And, as a parting gift, each strip club patron will receive a thong with "Charlie Sheen" written across the crotch, so that they will always remember that horrible night they spent in Times Square.
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Cheetahs Gentleman's Club

252 West 43rd St., New York, NY