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New Dining Site Taste Savant Hopes to Be the 'Anti-Yelp'

A new NYC-based dining site called Taste Savant went live last week. The goal of the site is to help diners find restaurants and recommend them to friends. From the "about us" page:

We curate and aggregate reviews from people you trust including your friends, restaurant critics, bloggers, chefs, and others who know about food. We are the anti-Yelp. Yelp will give you 1000 reviews from people you don't know for 10,000 restaurants in New York. We give you reviews from people who matter for restaurants that are worth your while.
On each restaurant page, you get contact info plus meta ratings that show what professional critics, your friends, and Taste Savant users think about each place. You can browse through menus, write reviews, and make reservations, and the site also partnered with Savored to offer dining deals. At the moment, the service is totally free.
· Taste Savant [Official Site]