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The Early Word on Soho Newcomer Jezebel

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Jezebel, a New American kosher restaurant with a kooky decor and Cafe Boulud alum Bradford Thompson in the kitchen, opened earlier this month on West Broadway. Located in a converted carriage house, Jezebel boasts comfort food like Jewish Italian Wedding Soup, high-end kosher cocktails, and even its own doorman. Read on to see what people are saying so far about the food, service, and atmosphere at Jezebel:

The Everything But Dessert News: Over on Yelp, an early diner was mostly pleased: "My husband and I were very excited to hear that a new Kosher restaurant opened in Manhattan. The decor was incredible! The wait staff including the doorman were charming. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable about the menu. The food was wonderful except for the dessert....I had the steak tartar and my husband had a lamb appetizer and for dinner I had the duck and he had the lamb burger. Both the appetizers and dinners were very excellent. We will certainly be back!" [Yelp]

The Non-Embarrassing News: One Yelper finds Jezebel can appeal to diners of all dietary stripes: "While we were sitting and enjoying the atmosphere, one of the restaurant's owners, Menachem, came by to introduce himself - which we thought was a classy gesture (he also came by during our meal to check on us)...The menu selection seemed rather limited, so would encourage offering more menu items...Will sum up --delicious (albeit limited) menu, cool/downtown vibe--can def take non-kosher guests w/o embarrassment." [Yelp]

The Good News: One diner raves on Twitter: “Incredible dinner last night at #jezebelsoho @HenryStimler is a perfect host. If you haven't been yet, you're missing out.” [Twitter]

The Tasty News: Blog Socially Superlative makes recommendations: “Plan on getting an appetizer, or sharing a family style side dish (their Israeli couscous is the best I’ve had stateside) to accompany your entrée. I would highly suggest the Orange Glazed Duck Breast & Confit Leg, which is succulent and tender, or Stimler’s favorite, the Grilled Lamb Burger. [Socially Superlative]

The Bad Decor News: A Gothamist commenter dislikes the art: “this place is gaudi enough to be in Barcelona.” [Gothamist]

The Welcome Change News: Black Book applauds the new ownership: “The space down by the Soho Grand has been unlucky say some... I say poorly run. Soho 323 was awful and Chez Bernard which had moved to Soho after a hip, hipster run on the East side never got traction. The space is wonderful and now in the hands of people who seem to know what they're doing.“ [Black Book Mag]

The Great News: On Foursquare, one excited reviewer writes: “Amazing energy, great concept, great menu. Haven't been so excited about a place in a while.” [Foursquare]

The Approachable News: Zagat likens the food to non-Jew restaurants: “The eatery is focused on Modern American cuisine, eschewing Jewish classics for more modern fare that just happens to be kosher. Think dishes that you would see at non-kosher joints, like a roasted bone marrow with parsley, pickled onions and toasted breadcrumbs or a Shabazi-spiced beef tartar with chive flowers and purple potato chips.” [Zagat]

The Secret Dessert News: Another Foursquare user offers dessert advice: “It's not on the menu but ask for the ice cream for desert! The lavender honey was da bomb!" [Foursquare]

The Bad News: A commenter on Yeah That’s Kosher isn’t sold by the concept: “I would love to be able to try it, but between the hashgacha, non-mevushal wine and the name (see I just cannot get on board. You'll have to let me know how it is. I will say that after reading http://dinersjournal.blogs.nyt... I would love to taste their martinis...and I'm a scotch man.” [Yeah That’s Kosher]

The Creative Cocktail News: Over on Diner’s Journal, one commenter commends their kosher drinks: “Today is the Renasaince of the Mixologist we have been waiting for since the Prohabition was over. Amazing new make spirits(White Whiskeys,High west, Catoctin Creek, & Heavin Hill) and wonderful gardens to get fresh herbs give us an ability to make drinks like in no other time. Go for it and may many find that special and unique drink that is that close too perfect L'Chaim.” [Diner’s Journal]
— Ashley Mason and Spencer Bronson
[Photo: Krieger]
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323 W Broadway, New York, NY

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