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Ainsworth Park Confirmed For Former Kibo Space

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Matt Shendell's rumored takeover of the massive space that formerly house Japonais and the short lived Kibo is now confirmed. As predicted, it will be another outpost of the Ainsworth dubbed Ainsworth Park, even though it's neither on the park nor on Park Avenue, but that's no big whoop. As Shendell told Eater when the news first broke, the space is going to be more upscale steakhouse like Ainsworth Prime in MSG than raucous sports bar like the original Ainsworth in the Flatiron District.

Shendell also has inked a deal with the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas to open yet another Ainsworth, dubbed Ainsworth Las Vegas. Who knew there was this much Ainsworth demand in the country? Might that mean that the proposed deal with EMM Group and the Hard Rock is finished? But that's not all, because Shendell and his Paige Management Group have signed yet another lease to create a rustic bistro on E. 21st Street named the Chester. It's going to be a busy fall!
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The Chester

18 9th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10014 (646) 253-2284 Visit Website

Ainsworth Park

111 E 18th Street, New York, NY 10003 212-673-2467

Ainsworth Park

111 East 18th St., New York, NY