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Neighbors Complain About Excessive Noise From The DL

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A few months ago, troubled Delancey Street club Ludlow Manor reopened as a new operation called The DL with nightlife big shot Paul Seres managing the day-to-day operations. Shortly after reopening, Seres told The Lo-Down, "We want to do everything by the book and let everyone know we are here to be good neighbors."

The club now has liquor licenses for each of its three floors, but it seems that the management is not making good with the neighbors. Bowery Boogie notes that there were six registered noise complaints over the last weekend, and the club's Yelp page is filled with nasty reviews from angry neighbors. Here's one choice review:

Definitely one of the douchiest, skeeviest places I've ever visited. And expensive. Normally I wouldn't care about a place like this, I'd walk by, keep to myself, live and let live.
Unfortunately the streets surrounding this place are experiencing extreme douche spillage. If the DL insists on being shitty, I just wish they'd keep their windows and doors closed and bolted so my friends and I don't have to get threatened and slurred at while walking past.
Check out a video that shows the noise pollution on the street here.

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[Photo: Bowery Boogie]


95 Delancey St., New York, NY

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