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Brooklyn Artist Serves $100 Rat Dinner

Brooklyn artist Laura Ginn hosted a $100-a-head rat dinner last night at the Allegra LaViola Gallery. Ginn has spent the last several years perfecting forms of self-reliance like hunting, building shelters, and making leather. The dinner, called "Tomorrow We Will Feast Again on What We Catch," was geared to bring the idea of self-reliance to an urban setting.

Guests feasted on rat and pork paté and braised and grilled rodent carcass prepared by chef Yuri Hart. The 75 rats used for the meal were brought in from California and according to the gallery assistant, bred to be eaten. On her Kickstarter page, Ginn says, "We have so many levels of mediation between us and the things that we eat," and that the purpose of the dinner was to "give people a chance to really be aware of their physical relationship with the world."
· Artist Puts Rats on the Menu for Lower East Side Gallery Show [DNAinfo]

Allegra LaViola Gallery

179 East Broadway New York, NY