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Steve Cuozzo Sounds Off on Pretentious Wine Lists

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In his latest rant, Post critic Steve Cuozzo gripes about pretentious/confusing wine lists throughout the city. Some restaurants attempt to "prove a point" with their wine selections, and that's not cool.

The Cuozz loves Greek food but hates that places like Yefsi and Molyvos offer mostly Greek wines, "as if to drink from anywhere else on Earth would somehow ruin your bakaliaros tiganitos." Cuozzo also takes aim at hipster wine lists:

Then there’s new, Reynards in Williamsburg. The all-French list is comprised of “all-natural” wines made “without intervention” by small (i.e., obscure) producers. I grumped about it in a review last week. Bloggers wrote that maybe I don’t like French wine. Dummies: The choices are a mystery to 99.9 percent of customers. We didn’t recognize a single bottle among nearly 200 available.
If you want good wine at a good price, Cuozzo recommends Cafe Boulud, which has plenty of French and American bottles under $60.
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