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Seersucker Team Opening Vietnamese Restaurant

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Rob and Kerry, by Krieger

Right now, Seersucker's chef Robert Newton is traveling around Vietnam, doing research for the brand new restaurant that he's opening with girlfriend and business partner Kerry Diamond. Their new Vietnamese restaurant will occupy a space right across the street from their second project, Smith Canteen, in Carroll Gardens.

Diamond tells Eater that she and Newton are opening a Vietnamese restaurant because they love the cuisine, and they're tired of trekking into Manhattan for take out every time they want a fix. Newton has such a fascination with Vietnamese cuisine that he considered opening a Vietnamese restaurant in rural Vermont just after culinary school, but realized it would be hard to be successful there. Now, with two businesses under his belt and a better understanding of world cuisines (he worked at Tabla and Le Cirque before opening Seersucker), he is giving it a shot.

Construction has already begun on the restaurant, and Diamond and Newton hope to open by the end of the year. Diamond notes that five years ago, the neighborhood might not have been able to support this kind of restaurant, but now she thinks that the market is there.
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Smith Canteen

343 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231


329 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 422-0444 Visit Website

New Kerry Diamond and Robert Newton Restaurant

345 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY