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Price Hike at Minetta Tavern; Picnic Boxes at Pizza Roma

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GREENWICH VILLAGERyan Sutton notices that Minetta Tavern has hiked the price of its cote de boeuf to $140 (up from $134), and the strip steak is now $58 (up from $54). Beef prices are on the rise all across the country, but the Black label burger is still $26. [The Price Hike]

GREENWICH VILLAGEPizza Roma is offering special picnic boxes for the Fourth of July. Some of them included pizzas and salads, and others have sandwiches, sodas, and salads. They range in price from $15 for two people to $60 for four people. [EaterWire]

MIDTOWN EASTThe Water Club is introducing a new menu of classic cocktails tomorrow. All of them are priced at $13. [EaterWire]

THE QUOTABLE DAVID CHANGDavid Chang on whether or not he'd open a restaurant in London: "If it happens, it happens... I'd never say no, but we have our hands full at the moment." Regarding critics: "London is the most vicious city in the world, no doubt about it... I'd rather open in Paris... At least they'd be more sympathetic to what I was trying to do." [Bloomberg via Eater National]

Minetta Tavern

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