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Williamsburg's Whimsical Wythe Ave Is Center Of Cool

Move over Meatpacking District and get out of the way Lower East Side, because there is a new center of the nightlife universe, and it's in a magical little place called Williamsburg. And don't think that the entire neighborhood is cool now, because it's not. Instead, please focus your attention on a sliver of the neighborhood centered around Wythe Avenue and North 11th Street, which used to be completely worthless until the Wythe Hotel opened.

And now that it is open, the surrounding blocks are now also cool, and the existing hotels and restaurants and bars that are on those blocks are cool. It's all happening! But how can we tell? Because there are so many amazing trends all happening within this four block radius that you would have to have lost all of your senses to miss out!

1. Traditional Williamsburg hipster outfits like jeans and t-shirts have now been replaced with "fashion choices more commonly associated with Midtown than Bedford Avenue."
2. A man with a skateboard saying he was over the Meatpacking District.
3. A shout out to Frej!
4. Brooklyn Bowl, where the "bowling is an ironic (or would that be unironic?) pastime for 20-somethings." Bowling! In 2012! In Brooklyn! GAH!
5. Getting a Manhattan scene maker to acknowledge that people can have fun on Wythe Avenue. In this case it's Matt Kliegman of the Jane, Smile and Westway, who says "in order for people to show up, these new developments had to create a fresh energy and feeling of community over there. I think they’ve accomplished that.”
6. Noticing the DJ at the Wythe Hotel "resembled Jesus Christ." A DJ with a beard! What's next, a handlebar mustache?
7. Instagram
8. Dining at communal tables on local ingredients!
9. Use of the phrase “trés Brooklyn”, which seems to only appear in the Times.
11. A new Vegas style pool party at the King and Grove Hotel up the block in a salt water pool, because everyone knows that regular water is not cool enough for Wythe Avenue.
11. Creative types who own a condo attached to a hotel proclaiming the area to be like "the old SoHo before it got out of control but with insane, un-Manhattan amenities.” Like a saltwater pool, perhaps?
12. Not one but two references to Girls.

That's 12 trends for a very small slice of Williamsburg, making Wythe Avenue officially the coolest place in the entire world.
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Brooklyn Bowl

3545 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89109 (702) 862-2695 Visit Website

The Wythe Hotel

80 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11249