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Babbo Slapped with Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

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Thorn in the restaurant industry's side Maimon Kirschenbaum filed a lawsuit today against Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich's Pasta Resources (the company that operates Babbo), Babbo LLC, and executive chef Frank Langello. The suit alleges that Langello sexually harassed a former employee by the name of Stephanie Capsolas.

The suit contains a long list of very nasty sexual harassment allegations. Here are a few:

· Langello directed crude gestures and inappropriate sexual comments at Capsolas, and physically touched her
· Langello "simulated a man and a woman having sex," insinuating that he was acting out relations between Capsolas and her boyfriend
· Langello snapped her bra on several occasions
· In January of 2010, Langello lifted his apron and showed Capsolas his erection and said, "Look what you do to me."
Capsolas told the management about these incidents, and one of her bosses logged some of these allegations in writing. But it is not clear if they took any action against Langello. It's perhaps worth mentioning that Capsolas was one of the employees involved in the wage lawsuit from a few years ago.

Capsolas is seeking unspecified damages from Pastas Resources, Langello, and Babbo LLC. Check out the full complaint below:
Babbo Harrassment Lawsuit
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