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Gansevoort Park's Pool Party Driving Neighbors Crazy

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Good news for McCarren Park Pool, because you are no longer New York's most scandalous place to take a dip. The honor now belongs to the Gansevoort Park Hotel's rooftop pool and bar.

The hotel has been hosting a Sunday Summer Series party that has proven to be quite popular, luring customers with bottle service, big name DJs and the hotel's tiny rooftop pool. But what's good for the hotel and the club's operators Mike Satsky and Brian Gefter is not so good for the neighbors, who complain that each Sunday becomes their own personal hell of bass as they watch twenty-somethings gyrate to EDM. But are these just a bunch of olds who are jealous that these youngs are having more fun than them?

One neighbor who complained to the New York Post is 24-year-old Greg Housset, who said he has to spend his entire Sunday outside of his apartment because "even when the windows are closed, you feel like there’s a sub-woofer in your apartment." Another neighbor who recently purchased a condo said the parties remind her of South Beach.

Besides the noise issues, neighbors have pointed out that the parties bring hundreds of people out onto the pool deck at a time, even though the hotel is only permitted to have 54 out there at a time, and that the events often attract more people than the combined indoor and outdoor party space can allow. There are over 60 people in this picture that covers just a portion of the outdoor space from last weekend's event.

The hotel, community reps and the NYPD recently sat down to discuss the events, and the NYPD has promised to monitor the situation. For its part, a rep for the hotel crowed that the Summer Series has been wildly successful and there have been no safety issues to date. Bully for you! As for the neighbors, they say they try their best to be respectful but "we are trying to run a business.”
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Gansevoort Park Hotel

420 Park Avenue South, New York, NY

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