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Ramen Fans Line Up for Ivan Orkin; Best of the Wurst

EAST VILLAGE — Here's a photo of the line outside Momofuku Noodle Bar today at 5:15 p.m. Those are hungry ramen fans who are waiting to taste Ivan Orkin's noodles tonight. [EaterWire]

SOHO — On August 4, the Openhouse Gallery will host a sausage pop-up called the Best of the Wurst, featuring links from Blaue Gans, Katz's, Esposito's, der Kommissar, and Schaller & Weber. Tickets are $35. [EaterWire]

VIDEO INTERLUDEBobby Flay is going to appear in Portlandia: The Brunch Special, a one-hour Portlandia special airing this Friday, July 20. In the special, "Flay stars as himself as he helps co-creator and director Jonathan Krisel on his quest to create the world's most perfect marionberry pancakes for the finale." Head over to Eater National for a clip. [Eater National]

Momofuku Noodle Bar

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