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The Five Must-Watch Food Videos of the Week

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In this week's roundup of new videos, Josh Ozersky rips New York's fried chicken offerings, Kutsher's Tribeca sexes up Jewish food, the guys from Roberta's get pumped for the Bushwick Block Party, College Humor simplifies wine, and Scott Disick's Ryu gets its 15 minutes on Keeping up with the Kardashians. And this week, we've got a little bonus video for you: Chef Zoë Feigenbaum of Zoë tells a dirty joke.

1) Josh Ozersky's Thoughts on NYC's Fried Chicken:
Watch as Josh Ozersky eats fried chicken in utter disgust. He confesses his disappointment in New York's take on one of the greatest American foods. Spoiler Alert: "They all suck."

2) Kutsher's Tribeca: Making Jewish Food Sexy:
The people at Kutsher's put together a silly little video about how they're "making Jewish food sexy." It's basically a reel of food porn set to some sultry music with people shouting things like, "You're driving me mashugana," and "Oh, I'm schmaltzing." Get your oy vey on:

3) Ryu Opening, Caught on Tape:
Earlier this week, Scott Disick's critically panned restaurant Ryu made an appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The Kardashian clan flew to New York to check out opening night at the restaurant, and in true Kardashian style, there's a lot of drama:

4) Second Cheapest Wine: (Fake) Wine Made Easy:
Never get confused by a wine list again thanks to Second Cheapest Wine, College Humor's fake line of wines for the consumer who knows just enough about wine to know not to buy the cheapest bottle. Finally, wine made easy:

5) Bushwick Block Party Promo Reel:
[Mildly NSFW]
Here's what happens when the Roberta's guys get really, really excited about something. Their epic new promo reel for this year's Bushwick Block Party is full of with flashing images, loud noises, Mexican music, and lots of explosions. Watch the clip below, if you dare.

Bonus: And now, a dirty joke from Chef Zoë Feigenbaum of Zoë:

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