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SHO Shaun Hergatt Now Offering a Million Deals

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Word on the street is that chef Shaun Hergatt departed Sho in the Financial District a few weeks early, and now it looks like the management is doing anything they can to get some butts in the seats. Here are some of the deals going on at Sho right now, via a newsletter that was sent to subscribers last week and Setai club members and residents last night:

· A two-course lunch for $27
· OR a three-course lunch for $33
· And starting next week, the restaurant will offer a three-course summer lunch prix fixe for $24, and a three-course summer dinner prix fixe for $35
· "White and red wines by the glass priced at only $9.75!" (Summer prix fixe only)
· Up to 30 percent off if you make your reservation on Savored
· "BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE FROM THE CELLAR and recieve complimentary corkage on your wine with dinner" (Weekend only)
The newsletter also notes that, "Our dinner menu has also be adjusted to an a la carte format. The current selection includes seven appetizers, seven entrees and five desserts to choose from. " Now you can, "stop in for an entree or salad to fit into your busy schedule." The letter is "signed" by Hergatt, but we're not buying it.
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SHO Shaun Hergatt

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Sho Shaun Hergatt

40 Broad St., New York, NY