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Old Metro Theater Now the Alamo With Films and Food

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The Metro Theater on the Upper West Side got news in April that the Alamo Drafthouse would be reopening the shuttered historic space to show movies again. In an interview with owner Tim League the West Side Rag talks about the lifespan of the Metro, which opened in 1933 and ran as a respected neighborhood theater (except for that little stint when they showed porn) until 2005. The Alamo, which has five theaters in Austin, Texas, will reopen the space with five screens for viewing films and full dining options.

Plans for the new theater are not just centered around new releases, as the Alamo has garnered a following by showing movies like 70?s exploitation flicks to foreign and independent films. The once gutted building will boast stadium seating with full food service and beer, wine, and liquor options. There is even an option to have meals and drinks delivered to seats before and during screenings. Most of the food will be served prior to the start of a film, but through a non-verbal interaction can be delivered all while watching. League tells W.S. Rag, "If you want a pint of beer, you raise [a] piece of paper up like a flag in front of your table. It’s stadium seating so somebody sort of slinks in below you, picks up the paper, and then will drop off another pint of beer or whatever. Hopefully silently." The movies will also sometimes provide the inspiration for the menu that is being served. Plans for opening night from the Alamo's Facebook page toy with showing the movies Duck Soup and Hannah and Her Sisters paired with "a culinary riff on both chopped liver with crackers and Wonder Bread with mayo."

When asked about the build for the currently defunct theater, Alamo founder and president League said that, "We’re gonna fully restore the exterior, the façade and the neon and the marquee." The inside, however, will by no means be historically accurate, with the addition of five screens and a fully functioning kitchen. Other plans for movie and food pairings include a special menu for Julie and Julia, a five-course meal to match the cuisine in Like Water for Chocolate, and a 12-hour, eight meal dining event for Lord of the Rings. The opening for the new Metro/ Alamo Drafthouse is slated for sometime in 2013, with the date contigent upon permits and a contractor.
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