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Inside Perla & Eater's Monster Feast of the Beast Dinner

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Perla chef Mike Toscano
Perla chef Mike Toscano

When prepping for Wednesday night's Feast of the Beast dinner, the first in our Eater Exclusives series, Perla chef Michael Toscano said, "I have taken this event as a personal challenge to cook the best meal of my life. If there is one thing to emphasize it is the overindulgence of cuisine that our guests will experience on June 27." And the man followed through.
He served mortadella stuffed suckling pigs (see the below video for some graphic pre-stuffing shots). He butchered an 80-pound tuna and served it in seven courses from crudo and carpaccio to confit and vitello tonnato. He served lamb ribs, sweetbreads, neck (in canneloni), chops, breast, and, with the tongue perfectly cooked and in tact, head—with some bonus brain robbiola. There were oysters, clams, shrimp, foie gras, caviar, and far more wine, sambuca, and amaro than necessary. Check out the scene above, and the video and menu below, and do stay tuned for the announcement of the next special Eater dinner next week.

The Menu:

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