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Greenhouse and W.I.P. Shared Customer Info With NYPD

The now shuttered nightclubs Greenhouse and W.I.P. had been cooperating with the NYPD and law enforcement for over a year. It seems that the clubs had entered into a 14 point agreement with the NYPD in March 2011 that required that the club give the NYPD the names, addresses and photos of everyone who came inside. This information was collected using the ID scanners that clubs use to verify patrons age prior to entry, and was to be kept for one month and provided to the NYPD upon request.

Greenhouse had agreed to this stipulation in order to keep the club open after an earlier incident, although it is unclear how often the NYPD asked for or was provided with information about the club's patrons. Both Greenhouse and its basement lounge W.I.P. are now closed after the SLA revoked their liquor licenses earlier this week.

It seems likely that the NYPD also requires other clubs to maintain customer databases for their use as part of the settlement process after they invoke the nuisance laws, but it's not known how many or which clubs are doing so.
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