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PJ Clarke's Bartender Fired For Telling Lecher to Leave

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Famed Midtown tavern P.J. Clarke's is one of those bars where guys in suits like to get sloppy drunk. This usually isn't a problem, because the restaurant's bartenders know how to control the crowd, and make sure everyone's having a good time. But today, Business Insider learns that one of the tavern's famous bar men, Doug Quinn, was fired for trying to control a lecherous customer earlier this week.

As Quinn tells the story, he approached an older man who was spotted groping three ladies at the bar, and told him to leave. After the customer refused to go, Quinn explained the situation to the manager, but he says: "Rather than supporting me and listening saying 'You gotta go,' he went over and kissed his hiney and took him in the dining room and bought him dinner." Quinn told the manager that he was "out of line," and the next day, he was fired by a managing partner.

Apparently, some of the restaurant's loyal customers vowed not to return after finding out that Quinn was fired. Quinn notes: "I call P.J. Clarke's the 'Vatican of saloons' and it was..If people can be abusive and grope women then it's not the 'Vatican of saloons' anymore."
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PJ Clarke's

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