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At Last, Fast-Casual Sushi Cones Now Available in NYC

A new restaurant is opening today in the East Village that might very well be New York's first Chipotle-style fast-casual sushi cone establishment. At Iconic Hand Rolls, you can get a seaweed cone stuffed with rice, fish, skirt steak, veggies — anything you want, really. This is perfect for the busy sushi lover who doesn't have time to sit down at a table to consume this Japanese delicacy. Now, you can eat sushi while talking on the phone, walking your dog, or playing ping-pong.

The Local EV learns that the new restaurant has a menu designed by "Japanese cooking authority" Hiroko Shimbo. Soon, the space will also feature a mural of Rocky Aoki, the Benihana founder who is "kind of an inspiration" to Iconic Hand Roll owner David Ravvin.

Will fast-casual sushi cones be more popular than fast-casual pizza cones? Only time will tell.
First Look Inside Iconic Hand Rolls, Serving Sushi to Coneheads [The Local EV]
[Photo: Facebook]

Iconic Hand Rolls

135 First Ave., New York, NY