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Greenhouse & W.I.P. Dunzo After SLA Revokes Licenses

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The State Liquor Authority voted yesterday to suspend the liquor licenses of both Greenhouse and W.I.P., effectively closing the clubs for good unless they can convince the SLA to reconsider. That seems unlikely considering that SLA head honcho Dennis Rosen convened an emergency meeting of the SLA board to deal with the two problem clubs, saying in a statement that "the SLA will not tolerate violent bars that break the law. This should serve as a message that this agency will not hesitate to take immediate action when licensees pose a threat to public health and safety." Greenhouse and W.I.P. are accused of violating 17 different SLA laws, with the Drake/Chris Brown bottle bonanza being the final straw. Both clubs are allowed to appeal the ruling.

With Greenhouse, W.I.P., and Juliet Supper Club all closed, a new Tuesday night party launched at Tenjune last night. However, the fun times got shut down at around 2:45 a.m. by the NYPD, which happened to roughly coincide with a Tweet posted by rapper Meek Mill about heading to the EMM-owned venue. If you recall, Mr. Meek was with Drake that fateful night at W.I.P. and is thought to have played a role in the melee, although he has not been charged in the incident.
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