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The Early Word on Williamsburg Newcomer Extra Fancy

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A week and a half ago, Mark Rancourt, David Brilliant, and Robert Krueger opened their casual clam shack Extra Fancy in Williamsburg. The Metropolitan Avenue restaurant serves New England-inspired dishes prepared by Le Bernardin vet Ross Florance. So far the seafood spot has received high praise from early visitors. Here's a roundup of what patrons are saying about the dishes, service, and overall experience at Extra Fancy:

The Salty News: An excited Yelper can’t get enough of the briney Fisherman’s Board: "The Fisherman's board reminded me of caviar service with small corn meal cakes standing in for the usual blinis with egg whites, yolks, chopped onions and creme fraiche to go with a smoked fish and a juniper/gin cured fish. Oh almost forgot the capers that come with the fisherman's board, again salty vinegary goodness exploding with each bite. More creme fraiche please!" [Yelp]

The Inventive News: A fan talks it up on Twitter: "The grilled Cherrystones at Extra Fancy? Dish of the summer. Delicious, inventive AND have a punny presentation. Top that, NoMad Hotel!" [Twitter]

The Nostalgia News: A pleased Yelper writes the restaurant brought him back home: "I'm a New England boy and I can not recommend this restaurant enough. We started with the little neck clam chowder (delicious even though it didn't pass the spoon test) and two rolls - the fried clams, served over a tart slaw, and the creamy shrimp - both served in a grilled New England styled roll, with a side of fries that screamed back to my childhood." [Yelp]

The Great Service News: An Eater commenter praises the staff: "Went to Extra Fancy over the weekend - had a great experience. The food was delicious and the staff was extremely friendly." [Eater Comments]

The Great News: One Foursquare tipster has a few recommendations: "Awesome new joint in the hood. Get the salt cod poppers, clam roll, shrimp roll and the baby gem salad." [Foursquare]

The Decor News: Over on Yelp, one commenter raves about the ambience: "The space is excellent and inviting, with a great decor and ambiance. After looking over the menu we decided it was time to have dinner number 2 for the evening, and I'm so glad we did."' [Yelp]

The Chowder News: A fan on Foursquare sings its praises: "Best clam chowder I have ever eaten. Truly amazing!!!!!!!" [Foursquare]

The Fat Kid News: A Yelp reviewer disregards health advice: "It's a comfy, New American hang with food that's righteously gluttonous, and genuinely ambrosial. Items like their fried cod pickled pepper poppers and crispy oyster crackers on the half-shell won't soon be getting the thumbs up from Doctor Oz, but your inner fat kid will be jumping (er, attempting, anyway) with joy as soon as these morsels touch your lips." [Yelp]

[Photo: Grub Street/Brian Quinn]
— Ashley Mason
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Extra Fancy

302 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 347-422-0939 Visit Website

Extra Fancy

302 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY