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Tony Parker Sues W.I.P For $20 Million After Brawl

The fallout over Chris Brown and Drake's bottle throwing throw down at Soho nightclub W.I.P. has spread to the NBA. The San Antonio Spurs superstar point guard Tony Parker was with Chris Brown the night of the incident and wound up getting hit with shards of glass in his left eye causing corneal lacerations and additional injuries. Now Parker is suing W.I.P. for $20 million saying that the club and its management should never have allowed Brown and Drake to get bottle service at the club on the same night because of their mutual infatuation over Rihanna and the likelihood it would lead to problems.

The full extent of Parker's injuries remains unknown, but he will miss the start of training with the French national team for the Olympics. W.I.P. and its sister club Greenhouse remain closed, while Brown and Drake have not yet had to deal with the consequences of their ridiculously childish and reckless behavior.
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