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The 10 Best Entries to Eater's Feast of the Beast Giveaway

Next Wednesday night, for two sold out seatings, chef Michael Toscano will cook a whole animal feast for food enthusiasts and Eater readers of all stripes at Gabe Stulman's newest hotness, Perla. The meal will feature six full animals, hence the name Feast of the Beast. Because of the speed with which the dinner sold out, we offered two seats to the 9 p.m. seating to one lucky Eater reader. Here, below are the ten best entries, including the winner.

1) I deserve to win because I spend ALL of my disposable income on dining experiences. I am by no means wealthy, just very passionate about food and dining at the best restaurants has become my very expensive obsession and my only hobby. It would be nice to get a free one every once in a while.

The past six months I've attended the following restaurants:
Blue Hill at Stone Barnes
Sushi Yasuda (3 times)
Gramercy Tavern
Alinea (Chicago)
Brooklyn Fare
Ai Fiori (2 times)

When I first heard of Perla - I went immediately and I really liked it and would love to go back. Unfortunately, they were out of the roasted lamb's head which I would love to experience.

2) I've started the concept of "Gourmet Delis" in Manhattan in 1983
I read eater every day
I'm on a diet my last day is June 27th so I'll be hungry
I'm a really nice guy

3) I deserve to win because 27 June is our 14th anniversary, we have to young girls and we have not gone out alone in years.

4) We should win because we've been eating street food for the better part of the last five months. You haven't truly lived until you've had to eat cold schnitzel & potato salad for breakfast because that's all you've got in the fridge.

Plus, we'll bring Eater a pie if we do.

5) I am 91 now--was 18 in39 and had my first glass of great beer at Heinekins at the 39 Fair---they had a windmill and a garden with beautiful young Dutch girls in Dutch costumes serving small steins of beer..I think they were free or maybe a dime or a was great. I went to the Fair many times so I could see it all--I don't think I missed anything. Most of New York's French Restarants were started by graduates from that Fair (with a few more from the ship Normandy during WWII) so we are indebted to the Fair to this day.

6) I would like to win, because I want to take my teenage daughter who claims that she wants to be a chef (because she doesn’t wants to continue her educationL), and would love for her to see what a “REAL CHEF” looks like, cooks and what she can aspire to be.


8) A- Although I know everyone is going to say this, I've never won anything
B- I'll take my camera with me and upload everything to flickr and twitter
and foodspotting and other places with #eater tags
3- It'll be a "Get out of the Doghouse free" card for me with the wife

9) Hi Folks at Eater NY,

My son, Linden, a total omnivore, is turning 21 on June 24th. I have been wracking my brain trying to find the best present for him. He has always taken on food challenges—eating humongous hamburgers piled with everything imaginable and getting them for free by winning the “we bet you can’t finish it” challenge, eating an entire adult portion of Mussels Meuniere when he was three years old, in fact never eating from the children’s menu after he turned three. How many toddlers have you seen eating calamari, escargots, mussels? (He is 5’10” and weighs 165). M. Wells was his favorite restaurant and the duck heart salad one of his favorite dishes. He’ll eat anything as long as it’s well-prepared.

Believe it or not, he also suffers from Crohn’s disease, a serious digestive disorder but nothing he eats ever makes him sick! Because he was small and skinny, he needed extra protein and all through middle school he ate filet mignon and eggs for breakfast every day! And I cooked it—every day.

For a kid like him, this would make his birthday so special and he’s been through a lot so I think he deserves a special treat. I hope you might agree.

Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you!

And the winner:
I deserve to win this contest for many reasons, and I hope you respect the brevity of my email, because I didn't want to bore anyone with an epic.

1) Saturday, June 30th is my birthday, and I'm supposed to go out with my girlfriend Wednesday the 27th to celebrate, because I'm going out of town for the weekend.

2) I tried to purchase the feast of the beast deal when I saw it, because I am a meat lover from the south, but it was already sold out.

3) I have been to Perla twice without my girlfriend and loved it, but I haven't had the chance to take her yet.

4) My girlfriend probably couldn't afford a meal at $150 a head, because she works in fashion.

5) Both of us love going to new, trendy, foodie restaurants, and BBQ and Italian are mine and her favorite cuisines, respectively.

6) Coming from the south, I have had my fair share of head to tail dinners, and I would love the chance to try offerings from the best chef who specializes in these offerings.

7) I always clear my plate and would love the chance to see if the "feast of the beast" holds up to its name.

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