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The Five Must-Watch Food Videos of the Week

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In this week's roundup of new videos, Jason Lawless reveals the recipe for uni carbonara, Jon Stewart riffs on the big soda ban, Josh Ozersky eats his way down East Ninth Street, and Eddie Huang talks about getting paid.

1) Untouchables: Tocqueville's Uni Carbonara:
A treat for urchin fans:

2) Jon Stewart on the NYC Soda Ban:
If Bloomberg bans large sodas, what's the Daily Show host going to drink with his "14 pounds of pastrami garnished with seven pounds of beef tongue" at the Carnegie Deli?

Part 1:

Part 2:

3) Money Talk With Eddie Huang:
This one's for all the Eddie Huang fans out there. The chef takes a break from talking about food to talk about making cold hard cash. He's a hustler:

4) Josh Ozersky's East Ninth Street:
The food writer eats his way through two blocks of the East Village:

5) Million Dollar Menu:
Probably the best McDonald's rap parody video ever made (NSFW):

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