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Restaurant Critic Gael Greene Dropped by Crain's

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Ms. Gael Greene hops on her blog today to share the news that she's been axed from her post at Crain's. The legendary critic had been writing reviews for the publication for almost exactly three years. As you may recall, Gael also got dropped from New York magazine back in 2008. She writes:

Am I the oldest person in the world to be fired twice mid-forkful in less than four years?...When NYM kicked me aside, the NYTimes said it was “The End of an Era.” How many ends can you have in one era? Well this was more like the end of a hiccup. But okay. I rejected an offered free meal last night and demanded a bill knowing Crain’s would pay so that I could maintain my professional integrity. Sob. Well, now I’m free for long vacations and all those assignments I’ve been turning away.
Thankfully, Ms. Greene will keep writing about restaurants on her blog.
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