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The Early Word on Scott Disick's Ryu in the MePa

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Reality TV star Scott Disick opened his Japanese restaurant Ryu in the Meatpacking District two weeks ago. Disick's first restaurant is a collaboration with Griffin's Chris Reda and Jesse Camac, Fatty Crew's VP of operations. The menu features both large and small plates as well as Asian-influenced cocktails, and the space has a lot of big yellow booths and Japanese body art on the walls. Here's a look at what early diners are saying about the food, prices, and service at Ryu:

The Overpriced News: Ryu's first Yelp reviewer is less than impressed: "I hate writing a negative review but I sincerely have no choice here. Maybe it's the fact that the always unlikable Scott Disick is involved. Or maybe it's the fact that I went during opening week. Either way, the entire experience was just bad. For starters, everything was completely under-cooked - from the slimy prawns, to the bleeding $60 steak, to the gushy salmon. It was incredibly expensive (after tax/tip and two drinks, it was a $300 bill) for the worlds smallest portions...Bottom line: When you have to go home and eat a PB&J, that's a scary sign for the restaurant you were just at." [Yelp]

The Average News: Over at OpenTable, one diner had a better experience but still isn't blown away: "Trendy atmosphere and nice ambience; pretty small space with some round booths and some two person tables. Dined at 6:30 pm on a Sunday and were the only two there; a few couples trickled in to the bar later on. Service was very friendly and all the waiters that helped us were very helpful and kind. Plates are small and meant for sharing but fairly expensive ($10 - 20) for the size. Food was fine; nothing special....3 dessert options and a small dinner menu in general." [OpenTable]

The It's Got Potential News: An Eater commenter didn't love the food, but saw room for improvement: "Ate there-super expensive and was decent...definitely will get better, they just need to beef up some portions and lower the price a bit." [Eater Comments]

The Better Than Expected News: The lone MenuPages commenter was pleasantly surprised: "Must say, RYU was a huge surprise. The food is unbelievable and the atmosphere is perfect for drinks or a dinner with a group or couple. I came with a coworker for drinks and sat at the bar and ordered a bunch of food for both of us. Then went back with couples and had a great time! We ended up staying all night, it was the perfect night! Can't wait to go back." [MenuPages]

The Too Dark to See News: Another OpenTable reviewer wishes Ryu had better lighting: "We had a post-theater reservation, which may have been why it was SO dark in there. I actually had to use the flashlight on my phone to see what I was eating. The wait staff were very friendly and attentive. The food was quite good...I might go back again, but definitely at an earlier hour. The bar crowd was in full swing and this is a very small place." [OpenTable]

The Don't Knock It 'Til You Try It News: Also in the Eater comments, another early diner contends that Ryu is worth visiting: "Went one night last week - food was above average, bartenders and staff was friendly, laid back, and generally awesome. I liked the booths - very easy to fit a big group comfortably...Overall I was a fan regardless of Disick's involvement (some guy I don't know or care about - and neither should you.) Go try the spot, don't hate for no reason." [Eater Comments]

The Go for the Drinks News: One Foursquare tipster doesn't mention the food but recommends the drinks: "Enjoy an excellent cocktail from some of the best mixologists in NYC. Or an expensive scotch like me!" [Foursquare]
— Alison Herman


46 Gansevoort Street, New York, NY 10014 212 929 8845


46 Gansevoort New York, NY 10014