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Flay Hints at Bolo Revival; Dance Party at The Rusty Knot

Eater's closing up shop early this afternoon. Have a fun Friday afternoon, and check back tomorrow for more restaurant news and gossip.
bobby-flay-aspen-2012-thumb.jpgFLAYWIREIs Bobby Flay going to revive his long-shuttered NYC restaurant Bolo sometime soon? He tells Eater National: "People miss that place; it had three stars. I want to find a new space badly for Bolo in New York this year...I am going to Barcelona next week with my daughter. I'm going to come back raring to go for Bolo." The Flay Man also addresses the rumored Mesa Grill move: "Sometime next year is when lease runs out. One of two things will happen. My sense is that we'll renegotiate and stay where we are. But if not, we'll move somewhere else." [Eater National]

WINDSOR CITYLost City learns that Terrace Bagels is moving two doors down into a building that they now own. [Lost City]

WEST VILLAGEThe Rusty Knot is launching a bi-weekly LGBT dance party called Scissor Sunday. JD Samson and Lauren Flax will host the first party, which is this Sunday, June 17. The doors open at 2 p.m., and admission is free. [EaterWire]

MAPSSplitsider put together a map of the locations used in the first two seasons of Louie, including Ben's Pizzeria, Veselka, Don Hill's, and Hudson Diner. [Splitsider]

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