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The 10 Best Lines From the Times Piece On Amy Sacco

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Amy Sacco is the Queen of New York Nightlife once again with the opening of the new version of Bungalow 8 in the heart of nightlife row on W. 16th Street. No. 8 has been open for less than a month (or a week to the public), but a New York Times reporter goes deep inside the new hot spot to explain just how monumental this is for the glitterati who have been wandering like lost puppies without Ms. Sacco in their nightlives. Here are the 10 most special lines.

1) "Carmen D'Alessio and Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis spotted each other across the new nightclub in Chelsea, and dropped all pretense. 'Aaagh,' they screamed in unison. It had been too long."

2) "Peta Wilson lowered her pants to show off her line of colorful panties. Nobody seemed shocked."

3) "'There’s so many people here I know and love,' Ms. Sacco said, . . . , her husky voice sounding like something between a purr and a lawn mower. 'It’s like a high school reunion.'"

4) "'We haven’t been to a nightclub since Bungalow closed,' said the decorator Celerie Kemble." [We think she meant gastropub.]

5) Amy Sacco on who comes to No. 8: "Everyone who comes is a cool person, but not because they’re famous. I’m not as elitist as people think. I just like it when people know each other. Then they feel safe inside."

6) "She even cooked for the troops in Afghanistan last Thanksgiving."

7) On the new No. 8: "The powerful and pretty have been coming ever since for early dinners, late-night revelry or both. They’re tickled. 'It’s like Bungalow, but not quite,' one guest squealed at a pre-opening."

8)"Ms. Sacco, in a black Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress, had her hair in a ponytail because she had been too busy to see a stylist."

9)"Ms. Sacco got an e-mail from Paris Hilton on her BlackBerry. 'I’m getting dressed right now,' it said. Ms. Sacco looked wistful for a second and sighed, 'Sometimes I wish I had time to get dressed.'"

10) "Then she looked up at another guest. 'You’re back,' he said. 'Yes, honey,' she said, taking his hand, 'I am.'"
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No. 8

357 West 16th St., New York, NY

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