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2012's Dining Trends Wrapped Into One New Restaurant

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What happens when you take all of the dining trends of 2012 and roll them into one restaurant? By the looks of a new Thrillist listing, you get The Goodwin, a gastropub/wine bar/New American tavern that's opening in the West Village this week. The components:
· A menu (PDF) that lists both "Bar Bites" and "Small Plates"
· Bottles of purified sparkling or still water listed under "Our Water Program"
· Dishes like a pickle pot, spiced caramel corn, pigs in a blanket, marrow crostini, and a po boy made with tempura mussels (it's called the "Rich Boy")
· A sake program
· Jerky listed at "mkt" price
· One token vegetarian dish called "The Vegetable Experience"
· Coffee beverages listed under "Coffee & Other Drinkables"
· Exposed brick + wood paneling + black banquettes (kind of like Marc Forgione)

· Reclaimed junk on the walls, plus a map of old NYC
· A bar program from a veteran of The Lion
· A back room called "The Grange"
· That name
The restaurant also has a garden in the back, which the chefs might use to grow herbs for the food, but there's still no word yet on wether they'll offer a chef's tasting menu. The Goodwin is slated to open this Friday.
· The Goodwin [Thrillist]
· The Goodwin [Official Site]

The Goodwin

430 Hudson St, New York, NY

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