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Dieterle, Lo, Canora, White Offer Secrets in New Book

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Amateur Gourmet blogger Adam Roberts has a new book coming out that's full of recipes and tips from some of the country's best chefs, including a number of big NYC personalities. For the book, titled Secrets of Great Chefs, Roberts trailed with chefs like Anita Lo, Harold Dieterle, Marco Canora, Michael White, and Hugue Dufour to learn their techniques.

When asked for stories about working with the chefs, he says:

Where do I begin?! Michael White yelling at me for calling his pasta "noodles"? Jonathan Waxman standing with his arms crossed while I cooked the entire staff meal at Barbuto with him watching over my shoulder? Elizabeth Falkner blindfolding me so I could taste her bon bondage bon bons?
The book is slated to come out on September 10. Head over to Eater National for the trailer and the full list of chefs.
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