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Chaos Reigns At Soho Nightclub Work In Progress

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Things have completely gone off the rails at Work in Progress (W.I.P), the six month old art gallery/club operating below Greenhouse. Things between the Greenhouse partners and W.I.P. team have apparently not been good for several months. But the situation has turned ugly after Adam Grant, an artist showing a sculpture in W.I.P., committed suicide after finding the sculpture had been destroyed in December and that the venue did not have any insurance for damage to the work, despite alleged assurances to the contrary. This was apparently the last straw for W.I.P creative head honcho Stuart Braunstein, who has a giant list of grievances against his partners from Greenhouse, especially Barry Mulineux.

For their part, Greenhouse tells Steve Lewis that they fired Braunstein "for numerous reasons including a physical altercation with a female employee" and that any connection between Grant's untimely suicide and W.I.P. and Greenhouse are completely unfounded. W.I.P has already replaced Braunstein and remain open for business.
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Work In Progress

150 Varrick St, New York, NY