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S'Mac Raising Money on Kickstarter for New Location

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The owners of East Village mac and cheese restaurant S'Mac plan to open a new Murray Hill location, and they want their fans and customers to help foot the bill. Proprietor Sarita Ekya recently set up a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of raising the $100,000 necessary for the build-out of the new shop on East 33rd Street. She tells DNA Info: "It just seems like a nice way to reach out to our following and fans and hopefully potential customers in the Murray Hill neighborhood."

Plenty of New York restaurants have launched successful Kickstarter campaigns in the past (see: Littleneck, Colonie). But most of these places are tiny start-ups from first time restaurateurs. S'Mac, which been in operation since 2006, is currently one of the top delivery restaurants in the entire city — on a busy night, they apparently make 50 deliveries an hour. But, maybe the mac and cheese shop isn't as lucrative as it seems.

If they can raise enough cashola, the owners hope to get the Murray Hill Location of S'Mac open by the end of June.
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