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Long Island Hot Dog Vendor Busted For Selling Sex

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A Long Island food truck vendor was arrested last week for using her business as a prostitution front. The Post reports that the vendor, Catherine Scalia, sold two dogs to an undercover cop before mentioning her "off the menu special." She took the police officer back to her East Rockaway apartment and performed a striptease, then offered to "manually stimulate him for an additional $50."

Sadly, this is not the first time Scalia has been busted for selling sex out of the hot dog truck — she was arrested for the same thing back in 2004. Scalia and her crew handed out cards for their side business, dubbed "Strips-R-Us," which advertised "one-on-one strips" and a "topless cleaning service." The woman pleaded not guilty to a prostitution charge, and later told the Post, “What do you want? It was a bad hot-dog day. I sold maybe $5 worth of hot dogs that day." Scalia also notes: "I zip up when I see kids.”
· Long Island 'Hooker' Accused of Selling Sex out of Hot-Dog Truck [NYP via Eater National]

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