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Beard Predictions: Outstanding Restaurant & Restaurateur

Zimbio; JBF

And to cap off the Beard predictions today, it's time to guess who will win for Outstanding Restaurateur and Outstanding Restaurant. In the first category, Jean-Georges's partner Phil Suarez is up for the award, as well as Bruce and Eric Bromberg, the brothers behind the Blue Ribbon restaurants. They're going up against Santa Monica's Piero Selvaggio, Seattle's Tom Douglas, and Caroline Styne of Los Angeles.

And in the category of Outstanding Restaurant, downtown favorites Balthazar and Blue Ribbon are up against Boulveard in SF, Vetri in Philadelphia, and Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham, AL. Make your predictions below.

Also, a note for the party crashers tonight: Ma Peche won't be hosting its usual post-awards bachanal, but Eddie Huang and the crew from Vice's Munchies series are going to be partying down at the Jane Hotel.

Poll results

Poll results

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