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The Meatball Factory Now Closed for Renovations

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The Meatball Factory opened last October with a ripped-off restaurant concept and Top Chef alum Dave Martin in the kitchen. Martin flew the coop last month to pursue other projects (perhaps salsa-related), and yesterday, tipsters reported that the shop had mysteriously closed without warning.

EV Grieve notices that there's paper up in the window, and a worker in the space mentioned something about closing for renovations. There's no word of the renovations on the restaurant's Facebook page or Twitter account, and nobody's picking up the phone. Also, apparently the bar has been removed from the dining room. One tipster notes that "it sucked on every level," and on Facebook, a neighbor remarks that it's "a dump that continues to ruin its neighbor's lives with noise and smell." So, maybe it's time to tweak the concept a bit before the big reopening.
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The Meatball Factory

231 Second Ave., New York, NY